Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Today is Matt's birthday!! We had a fun family day of celebrating. It was low key just like Matt likes it. We went to the park and played for awhile. Matt got to grill for supper. One of his favorite things to do!!

Started the morning with a birthday donut hole!! It even had a candle in it!!

We opened presents later in the day!!

Matt is an awesome daddy, an amazing husband, and my very best friend!! I LOVE living life with him. It's not dull or boring and an adventure is always right around the corner!!

Happy Birthday Mattie!! We love you so much!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Durant's 1st Friend Party!

Okay making up for some lost time. My computer was getting fixed (again) and now it's back!!!

Durant had his very first friend birthday party last month! He was super excited. It was a Lightning McQueen theme. This is actually the only theme he has ever chosen for his birthday. So year 3 of Lightning!

We had a lot of fun at his party. We made necklaces, ate donuts and pizza rolls, and played some games.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winter Fun!!

Our family is NOT a winter type of family. I honestly think all seven of us were created to live in a climate more like Southern California, but until God calls us there Wisconsin it is!!!

So every once and while Matt and I think it's probably a good idea to expose our children to things like sledding!!! The kids had a blast! Matt and I did too!