Thursday, April 29, 2010

Minnesota Zoo!!

We took a family day out of our busy schedule and went to the MN Zoo!!! It was a lot of fun!!

The Tiger was a big hit with everyone. Ana thought he was a cute puppy! She blew him kisses when we left.
Carter and Durant checking out the camels!

There was also a petting farm happening for the month of April. This was probably the highlight!!!
No fear for our kids!!!

The only fear comes from Matt!! Look at Carter's face. That's him saying "No way!!! Dad's touching a goat!"

Jackson really liked combing the goat's beard!
I think this one wanted to be another "kid" in our family!!!

Ezra petting a cow!!

Ana LOVED the farm animals. This piglet was one of her favorites!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meeting our new friends!!

This post is a little late but a couple of months ago we had the privilege of welcoming home our good friends Ernie and Christy when they arrived home for the first time with their 3 boys from Colombia!!
It was so much fun for our family to be on this end of adoption. Here are some pictures from that first day......

There they are!!!!!!!

Nope, false alarm!! Still waiting......

It was so exciting to see them walk through the doors!!

Our children instantly love these three boys without even a second thought!! They are our family!
We raise our children to know that family has nothing to do with blood or genetics but all about heart and love.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Easter Fun!

After church on Easter we had an Easter Egg Hunt!! The kids all had to find 10 eggs before they could get their Easter Baskets. They had a lot of fun looking for all the eggs.

Carter was excited about his chocolate bunny!! He doesn't get sugar very often so this was a special treat!!!

Ezra was excited to get his new Webkinz!!

Ana got a new bike horn and Dora band aids. She goes through A LOT of band aids!!

Durant got some new Lightning Cars!!!

Jackson was So exited when he saw his black spider man shoes!!!!

Ezra eating his very first chocolate bunny!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bike Riding!!!

Over spring break both of the little boys learned how to ride bikes with only two wheels!! They were both super excited!!!

Jackson learned in about 30 seconds but did have a few falls. His first attempt he took right off but didn't know how to stop so ended up right in the middle of the street!!

Durant really wanted to learn too. It only took him about 2 minutes to get it. He's still working on stopping. He prefers to just crash into something or someone (sorry Grandma!)

Pretty impressive for just turning 5 years old!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I'm so glad to be home this Easter!! Last year Carter and I were in Ethiopia with Ezra and Jackson.
This is our first Easter together as a family of 7!!!

He is risen!!

Here is my traditional kids picture that I like to do each Easter!!

Not sure what they are doing, but they sure are cute!!

Yesterday we colored Easter eggs. It was a lot of fun!!
Jackson and Ezra's very first time ever coloring Easter Eggs!!

All Durant's eggs were super bright!! He has some secret to it I guess!!

Ana colored her hands more then the eggs I think!