Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree!!!

We got to get our very first Christmas tree in Louisville this weekend!! It was a fun experience... especially because we weren't freezing, we didn't have to hurry, or bundle up.... it was so awesome!! It's funny how quickly all 7 of us could embrace this warmer weather! I think we are all ruined for living anywhere more North of where we are right now.

I sorta always knew God was going to call me away from Wisconsin but I'd often wonder how I would do without a snowy December or freezing for 6 months straight.... well judging by the fact we've made it to December now and I haven't busted out a winter coat, people are still golfing on the golf course behind my house, and while we were decorating the tree people were mowing, I think I will stay!

Our standard Christmas Tree picture. So we didn't add new children this year but we did lose the jackets, hats, and gloves!!! Something we all agree that we can live with!!

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