Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Carter!!

On November 6th, Carter celebrated his 10th birthday!! I can't believe that I've been a Mom for 10 years already!!! The time has gone by so quickly it's amazing!! But what is even more amazing is that God has blessed me with being the mom of Carter. He is truly a uniquely wonderfully made child. His heart is amazing. He is constantly entertaining us around the house with impressions, beat-boxing, dance moves, and just being his crazy fun self.

10 is a big age and I know some of these special times with Carter will start to disappear as he grows older, but for now I love ever minute of the times he wants me to tuck him in at night, holds my hand when we are walking around, or comes by me just to snuggle!!

We've always known that God would do great things through Carter. He's already done so many of those things and Matt and I just can't wait to discover which mission field God is going to give to Carter!! Is it Ethiopia like us, is it his school, the basketball team, or is it much more than we can even begin to image?

We started the morning out with a cherry bagel (or red donuts as Carter used to call them when he was little)!!

New street basketball!!

Tech Decks!!!

John Wall jersey from Grandma Connie!

We told Carter to go try out his new basketball..... on his new hoop!!!!

He was so excited.... he took a shot right away and of course he made it!!!

This was the first year since Carter was born that we didn't have a family party. It was a little strange, but he handled it well!! He did have a friend party (cause you know it doesn't take Carter long to make friends)!
All Carter needed for his party was pizza (Papa John's), root beer floats, basketball, and video games!!!

That's Carter's new hoop1! The boys played basketball for over 2 hours!!

We had 2 full fun days of celebrating Carter!! We love you so much Carter! Thanks for being one of my best friends.

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